The different types of microfiber towel edges we have at Eurow®.




At Eurow® we mainly carry microfiber towels finished with three types of edges: surged, edgeless and satin trimmed. Each type has its own distinctive pros and cons, that make different users pick different edges to customize for their needs. Pick yours according to your specific use.

Serged Edge: This is the most common finishing on the edges of microfiber towels that you will find. It is also the traditional method and involves using a polyester thread sewn around the edges multiple times to lock the edges into place. The perfect seams will now provide a scratch-proof, streak-proof finish to your microfiber applications.

PROS: The serged edges make the towels more durable and prevent fraying and are perfect for household cleaning and most commercial or auto detailing cleaning needs.

CONS: Even though the serged edge is scratch proof on many surfaces, it is not the best for exterior auto detailing and finishing on ultra fine paint and ceramic coating. For this reason, auto detailers have more of an affinity towards edgeless towels.

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Edgeless (Ultrasonic cut): Moving from traditional serging method, microfiber fiber towels started having edgeless versions, where they would be hand cut or nowadays, ultrasonically cut. At Eurow® we carry only the ultrasonic cut edgeless version because of the refinement in quality and precision it offers. The ultrasonic cut edgeless towels are always identical and with only a variability in precision of round +/-0.5% instead of about +/- 3% when it is hand cut.

PROS: The edgeless towels have no extra material, piping, or yarn on the side to scratch surfaces, making it the sought after pick for auto detailers. Also, the absence of an edge to sew the label eliminates labels on these towels, making it easier for detailers who usually end up removing the label tags on serged towels to prevent it from scratching the fine surfaces.

CONS: Even though the minimal heat from the knife blades that cut the towels heat-seals the edges to prevent fraying, with aggressive usage, there can be some fraying. Also, the higher the GSM, the harder it is to have it ultrasonically cut. Sometimes it ends up with a rough edge owing to the extended time of heat application to cut through thicker towels.

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Piped or banded Edge (Satin): This type of edge would have a band or strip of fabric wrapped around the edges of the towel and sewn in, to hold it in place. The version we have at Eurow® is a Satin trim on some of our popular towels. This was seen as an alternative to having serged edges that can scratch surfaces and instead have a softer material that would slide through smoothly.

PROS: Depending on the material used for the trim, it will prevent scratching, and at the same time provide durability from fraying due to wear and tear as the edges are sealed in place.

CONS: The material used for the trim can be non-absorbent as compared to microfiber and would end up leaving streaks of uncleaned bits or if the material is not chosen carefully it will end up scratching surfaces, depending on its softness level.

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