5 Tips to clean with Microfiber Towels

Introducing the ultimate cleaning companion: Microfiber Towels! Say goodbye to streaky windows, dusty surfaces, grimy countertops and dirty cars, with these versatile and efficient cloths. Here are 5 tips to make your cleaning with microfiber towels easier.
  • When using dry:
Microfiber is positively charged and they attract the negatively charged dust, dirt, grime and more like a strong magnet and traps it in the fibers of the cloth. When using dry, simply swipe away the dust and dirt effortlessly. For an easy dust or clean, no water/soap/chemicals are needed. You can also efficiently soak up a spill with a dry cloth.
  • When using wet (with water):
The microfiber towels work miraculously well with just water. Their absorbent nature means you can tackle spills and stains with ease, leaving surfaces spotless in seconds.  Also, use very less water for cleaning (almost 90% lesser than using cotton rags or other materials). This is a great solution if you don't want to use any chemical or toxic cleaner around the house or in sensitive zones. For wet cleaning tasks, these towels are definitely a game-changer.
  • When using with chemicals:
Microfiber towels work harmoniously with cleaning solutions, ceramic coatings, polishing agents etc. It powers through grease and grime to reveal the most shining and sparkling surfaces, without leaving any residue behind. For this reason, it is a favorite in the automobile detailing industry too! Spray the towel with the chemical or soap and wipe away. For polishing and sealing top coats, after spraying or applying the chemical agents to the surfaces, buff away for an even finish. Microfiber towels works amazing for any type of heavy duty cleaning when used along with the right type of cleaning agent. Also works exceptionally well in cleaning glass windows, mirrors, shower doors etc. After spraying the chemicals wipe off in a continuous and uniform motion. The best part, no streaks, swirls, scratches or lint!
  • Maximize the use of a single rag with the folding technique:
Fold the microfiber towel in half, and again in half, this way, you have 8 clean sides to work with. This maximizes the life of a towel per cleaning or detailing cycle. It is a very popular method among auto detailers. Also for cleaning, you can dampen one half of the towel and keep the other half dry, so that you have a wet and dry side on the same towel for your cleaning job.
  • Proper care while washing and reusing:

Proper care is key to ensure longevity. Simply toss them in the wash with other microfiber rags and like colors, and use a mild liquid detergent. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, dryer sheets or high heat for best results. Tumble dry on low heat setting. Do not iron and do not dry-clean. High heat will melt the fine fibers and particles in detergent and dryer sheets will clog up the pores on the fibers, reducing the efficacy of the towels.

    With proper maintenance, these microfiber towels will be your go-to cleaning essential for years to come. Don't settle for subpar cleaning or detailing tools – upgrade your arsenal with Microfiber Towels today!
      ~Eurow®- Quality products for everyday living!~

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