CleanAide by Eurow

CleanAide®: CleanAide® is Eurow’s line of residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning products. This brand includes silver-embedded, microfiber towels, cleaning mitts, and quality mops. These products cater to a wide range of janitorial needs, while providing cost-effective and more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Heavy-duty sponges, dusters, dry mops, wet mops, and a line of specially-designed, odor-free microfiber towels make this brand perfect for household or commercial use.



Cleanaide® catalog (PDF file)


CleanAide® Dusters

CleanAide Dusters


CleanAide® Mitts


CleanAide® Microfiber Towels


CleanAide® Microfiber Mops

CleanAide Microfiber Mops