Eurow 12 x 16 in. 700 GSM Double Density Microfiber Shag Towels – 10-pack

Product Description
Eurow’s Double Density Microfiber Shag Towels are a 10-pack of blue microfiber towels measuring 12” x 16” and 700 GSM. When damp, the long, shaggy weave cleans the toughest grime from the most delicate and hard-to-clean surfaces. Dry, the towels fibers will pick, pull, and collect dirt and dust deep into the cloth like a magnet. The satin borders help to prevent scratching. These towels are safe to use on delicate surfaces.

It is recommended to wash these towels before first use as this will make them super absorbent and will unleash their full drying capacity. As with all microfiber products, for best performance, please make sure to wash in cold or warm water (not hot) and do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener clogs the fibers and would reduce the efficacy of these towels.
$ 24.99