Detailers Preference®

Detailers Preference Detailing Supplies

Detailers Preference®: Detailers Preference® is a leading brand for car detailing products. Some of our best sellers include microfiber towels, sheepskin detailing mitts, and complete car care kits. Our products ensure quality detailing performance with their high absorbency, lint and scratch-free properties. We also carry a variety of high-quality sheepskin and microfiber seat covers in different colors and prints.



Detailers Preference® Mitts

Mitts to wash your car clean



Detailers Preference® Towels

Detailing microfiber towels by detailers preference



Detailers Preference® Sponges and Pads

Detailing sponges and pads



Detailers Preference® Detailing Kits

Detailers preference detailink kits


Detailers Preference® Car Covers

Strong Shell Car Covers