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Saddle Pads

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Saddle pads are often considered essential by riders to keep your horse more comfortable while riding. They provide a soft cushioning layer between the saddle and a horse's back, which helps protect against friction caused by a saddle rubbing against a horse. Furthermore, many materials of various saddle pads have moisture-wicking properties to help keep your horse cool during long rides. Eurow offers many types of saddle pads for sale for all types of riding styles. Benefit from a non-slip, shock absorbing pad and take a look at our various options.

Western Saddle Pads

Eurow's selection of western pads come in many different types. Western saddle pads tend to be thicker than their English counterparts to help compensate for the heavier weight of Western saddles. Like their English cousins, these pads come in various forms and shapes. All of ours are contoured western saddle pads, meaning that the pad's top line follows the shape of a horse's withers for a better fitting pad.

If your horse needs further support for their withers, Eurow offers corrective Western saddle pads that come with memory foam pockets. The adjustable shims provide customizable relief for your horse's specific needs.

English Saddle Pads

Our large selection of English saddle pads offers plenty of choices for several types of English disciplines. You will find pads made of natural materials such as sheepskin saddle pads made with real wool, as well as pads made with synthetic materials such as poly fill and memory foam.


Just as the name suggests, all-purpose pads are meant to be used in everything from casual riding to competitive events. While most of Eurow's all-purpose pads are white as that is the traditional color for competition, we do also offer a memory foam all-purpose saddle pad that comes in a large variety of 13 different colors.


Dressage saddle pads are rectangular in shape like all-purpose pads but have longer sides to accommodate a dressage saddle’s longer flaps. Like our other saddle pads available, the dressage pads have a contoured shape to better fit the shape of the saddle and the horse's back.


The eventing saddle pads available are made for competitive riders for show jumping and cross-country events in particular. They are shaped to follow the cut of the saddles used in this sport, and are constructed with breathable foam that is high-grip and impact-resistant so both you and your horse remain comfortable while riding.


Our line of corrective saddle pads can provide a saddle fit fix when a horse has a change in weight or fitness. Each of our correction saddle pads come with pockets with memory foam shims to help fill in small gaps between the saddle and pad. This will help provide pressure point relief on sensitive areas such as the withers

Half Pads

Half pads are made to fit under a saddle, but unlike other pads they don't extend down the sides, which gives a rider more leg contact with their horse. Half pads are often combined with other saddle pads to provide further support. They're an especially popular pad choice for English riders.