Detailer's Preference® 18" x 32" 780 GSM Super Absorbent Mega Microfiber Towel

Product Description
Detailer's Preference® offers the Mega Microfiber Towel. At a large 32" x 18" in size and with 780 GSM (yes, 780!), this blue super absorbent microfiber towel can be used for simple dusting all the way up to the toughest cleaning jobs. These fantastic towels are completely safe to use on any vehicle; you can rest assured that they won't scratch or streak as you dry your car. The towel has soft, satin edges for the discerning detailer.

Mega Microfiber Towels can be used dry or wet for an efficient dusting, cleaning, polishing, detailing, or drying experience. With an 80% polyester/20% polyamide composition, this towel is constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure efficiency and longevity.
$ 9.95