About us

Eurow the leader in microfiber


Eurow & O’Reilly Corporation, a certified woman-owned business, has developed over 40 years to become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of microfiber textiles.

Consistently growing our catalog to include hundreds of products available through 8 distinct brands, we now offer many of our products directly to consumers. Eurow® focuses on textile goods in industries such as automotive care, commercial & residential cleaning, food service & hospitality, and animal grooming & care.

We provide economical and effective product solutions to some of the world’s most well-known retailers and businesses, as well as directly to consumers globally. With manufacturing dominance in our production facilities, we are able produce high-volume, superior-grade products at unparalleled savings for our customers.

Though we have many distribution centers all over the country, we ship primarily from our 60,000 ft.² facility in Simi Valley, CA. Our overseas offices have dedicated, full-time logistics and quality control staff to ensure that we deliver the absolute best possible final product.

Additionally, Eurow is an active participant in United Nations Global Compact. This initiative aligns corporate strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environmental preservation, and anti-corruption to take actions that advance societal goals in these areas.