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Introducing the ultimate in safety and convenience, our collapsible safety cone is a must-have for any road emergency or construction site. With its durable, high-visibility material and reflective bands, this cone ensures maximum visibility (up to 800 ft) day or night.

Eurow Safety – 17-inch Collapsible Traffic Cone with Light & Reflective Band

Eurow Safety – 28-inch Collapsible Traffic Cone with Light & Reflective Band

What sets it apart from the rest is its internal LED lights that provide an extra layer of protection in low-light conditions. Available in two sizes to fit your needs, these collapsible cones are easy to store and transport, making them ideal for on-the-go safety. Whether you're changing a tire on the side of the road or directing traffic at a construction site, our collapsible safety cone has got you covered. Let's look at the features of these cones below:

  • These bright orange colored cones are visible from a distance of up to 800 feet and the small cone measures 17 inches in height and 9.75 inches in width, while the large cone measures 28 inches in height and 12.5 inches in width.
  • The small cone features one reflective silver band at the top and the large cone features two reflective silver bands that deflects light from headlights, flashlights, phone lights etc.
  •  Both the cones feature an internal LED light source that can be turned on and off with three distinct light modes including light completely turned off, flashing, and steady illuminated.
  • The cones are easy to store with the collapsible design that drops the height to 2.5 inches when collapsed. This also makes the cone a convenient accessory to store in the trunk of your car or the limited spaces in a construction space or warehouse.
  • Each pack comes with one reflective cone and AAA batteries that makes it convenient to start using the product right from the time of unboxing.
  • These cones meet MUTCD regulations for traffic cones and channeling devices and are perfect for situations like, road and traffic safety, sporting events, warehouse safety etc.

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Don't settle for just any ordinary safety cone - choose the one with added LED lights for extra peace of mind. Stay safe and visible with our innovative collapsible safety cone!

   ~Eurow®- Quality products for everyday living!~

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