Mops and Dusters from Eurow®


Discover Eurow® Microfiber mops and dusters, designed to effectively clean and dust any surface with ease. Made with premium materials, these tools are engineered for exceptional dust and dirt absorption. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, these mops and dusters feature extendable handles for those hard-to-reach areas. With the added benefit of the microfiber mop pads and duster cover being washable and reusable, these cleaning tools have a longevity that outperforms their traditional counterparts.

    Introducing our best-sellers:

    CleanAide® Handheld Microfiber Flex Duster with Telescopic Pole


    • Comes with a duster head (head and replacements duster covers can be purchased separately) and telescopic pole (not sold separately)
    • Dual sided: Thick chenille microfiber on one side and terry weave microfiber on the other. This is the best composition for household cleaning and is safe to use on all surfaces.
    • Dust Magnet: Easily and efficiently lifts and traps dirt, dust, and other micro particles. 
    • Flexible: The duster can bend and conform to whatever shape you need making it easy to clean corners and hard to reach places.
    • Telescopic Pole: Included is an adjustable pole that extends up to 55 inches for an over 6ft reach with the duster. This makes it super simple and easy to clean underneath appliances and other problem areas. The duster can be used with or without the extendable pole.
    • Grip Handle: The handle is comfortable, durable, and easy on the hands. The tip easily twists off to insert or remove the telescopic pole.


    • The dual sides, telescopic pole, and flexible nature, makes it easy to reach and clean hard-to-reach nooks and corners.
    • The replaceable head and duster covers give more longevity to the duster system.
    • The microfiber covers can be washed and reused multiple times.

    CleanAide® Electrostatic Duster With 3-Section Extension Pole


    • Comes with a duster head and telescopic pole. (The duster head can be purchased separately, not the pole.)
    • Dust Magnet: The duster is electrostatically charged to attract dust like a magnet and can be used around the home on any surface.
    • Telescopic Pole: Extends to 72" for hard-to-reach places and the removable 18" dust head is soft and effective with trapping dust and lint.
    • Lightweight: The duster system is lightweight and easy to maneuver and clean heights and above cabinets or tough corners.


    • The duster pulls dirt, dust, and lint without scratching or damage and is great for cobwebs.
    • The duster head proves to be a great hand-held duster without the pole and can be used to clean furniture and showpieces.

    CleanAide® Mop System


    • The Mop pads are made of premium quality twist yarn microfiber material and are available in 10-inches, 18-inches, or 24-inches to be compatible with the respective sizes of mop plate.
    • The Mop pads come in different trim colors and patterns so that you can use them for different purposes and can color code for easy identification. (e.g., bathroom use, kitchen use, garage use etc.)
    • We also have a DISPOSIBLE microfiber mop pad pack (50 in a pack) that works with the 18 inch. plate and same telescopic pole. 
    • The Hook and Loop on the mop pads and plate with a backing made of nylon ensures extra durability.
    • The pull-tab on the mop pads makes it easy to remove pads for washing without touching cleaning surface.
    • The mop pole is made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum and have a comfortable grip and an extendable length from 33 inches to 59 inches. It also has a snap and lock system to attach to the mop plate frame.
    • The mop plate is made of heavy-duty yet lightweight, long lasting, commercial grade brushed aluminum and for extra strength ABS plastic is used. The plates are available in 3 sizes: 10-inches, 18-inches, or 24-inches.
    • The 360-degree swivel on the mop system allows for maximum control, ease of cleaning and accessibility to difficult areas.
    • The mop pads can be washed and reused multiple times.
    • The mop can be used for your cleaning needs with a wet or dry pad. 


    ~ Quality products for everyday living!~ 

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