Replacement Activated Carbon Filter For NeoMask Neoprene Carbon Mask

Product Description
The inside material is an activated carbon cloth filter (ACC). ACC was originally developed by the British Chemical Defense Establishment, as a highly efficient medium for protection against nerve gas and other highly toxic vapors that might be used in chemical warfare. Eurow's complete, multifunctional, anti-pollution, filtered mask allows you to work worry free! Innovatively designed and created with advanced technology, the Neomask is a great way to protect yourself from inhaling airborne allergens, particulates, organic vapors, and many other harmful irritants. Because the Neomask is made from Neoprene and is equipped with activated carbon filters, this stretchy mask will conform easily and comfortably around facial features, creating a solid seal that prevents even the most microscopic particles from inhalation. Put your health first: the NeoMask is ideal for working in and around construction sites, painting, gardening, sanding, and machining.
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