Eurow Sheepskin Seat Cover New XL Design Premium Pelt - Champagne

Product Description
Eurow's Sheepskin Seat Cover was designed in order to accommodate larger seats of newer vehicle models. It features an off-white champagne Australian Merino sheepskin front and plush acrylic sides and backing. The cover fits snugly to the car seat for a tailored fit. Some of its other features include:
  • A built-in rear pocket for additional storage space.
  • Accommodation for side impact air bags; the sides are sewn with a proprietary stitching designed to be undone by an airbag if needed.
  • A design to fit high back, low back, compact and standard bucket car seats on most vehicle models.
These types of seats will not fit with this seat cover: 60/40 bench, 50/50 bench, and seats with built-in seat belt restraints, attached armrests, and non-removable headrests.

General universal fit — 56 in. by 23 in. No measurement guide by car available; we recommend measuring your car seat to make sure this seat cover will fit your vehicle.

Care instructions: Soaps and detergents with enzymes or bleach and fabric softeners should not be used. The covers should not be brushed when wet. Tumble drying and ironing are also not recommended for the seat covers. For light soiling it is recommended to spot clean with cool water and mild, enzyme-free detergents or soaps. For machine washing it is recommended to cover the hooks with tape and wash it separately from other items on wool or gentle cycle. Should be hanged or laid flat for drying under the sunlight or direct heat.
$ 99.95