Eurow Microfiber Salon Towels 16" X 29" 10 Pack

Product Description
Bring the salon to your home with this 10 pack of Eurow Microfiber Salon Towels. Designed to be much more efficient and long-lasting than cotton, microfiber is highly absorbent, super soft, and feels so much better on your head than traditional cotton towels.

At a perfect 16" x 29" size, our towels have been designed with you in mind - they're perfect for all head shapes and sizes. No matter your hair type, these towels will help it unleash its full potential.

While hair drying used to be a chore, Eurow Microfiber Salon Towels will dry your hair in a fraction of the time of other towels. Your time is precious so experience the magic of microfiber for yourself and see why so many people worldwide are making the switch from traditional cotton.

When it comes to our head and hair health, we only want the absolute best quality material. That's why we've adopted a strict manufacturing and quality control process when crafting our microfiber, ensuring that only the highest quality towels end up in your hands and on your head.
$ 24.99