NEOMask™ – Neoprene Mask with 10 External Filters – 2 Carbon Filters

Product Description
Filter out harmful fumes, gases, and particulates at work and home with NEOMask™. This neoprene mask comes with 2 carbon filters and 10 external cloth filters. Made from hypoallergenic, high-quality neoprene, the material is resiliently stretchable and reusable. The NEOMask™ forms easily to varying facial features providing excellent seal and an unmatched fit.

How it works: The inside material is an activated carbon cloth filter (ACC). Once a contaminant enters the carbon, it diffuses into the carbon matrix where it enters smaller pores, and the adsorptive forces begin to take effect. Once the contaminant reaches a higher-energy area, it no longer migrates or diffuses because the adsorptive force is stronger than the diffusional force. The contaminant is adsorbed into the carbon surface by the adsorptive forces. Activated carbon respirator masks are principally used to remove low levels (ppm or ppb) of organic materials from entering the lungs.

NEOMask™’s activated carbon cloth filters have been assessed and registered to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, EN 46001, and ISO 13485.

Care instructions: Machine washable; simply detach the carbon filter and place the neoprene into the washing machine, then air dry. The ACC filters typically lasts about 6 months under normal conditions and 4-6 weeks under harsh, polluted, or dusty conditions. Change the filter if you smell fumes when wearing the NEOMask™ or when air flow through the mask makes breathing more difficult.
$ 27.47