Say Goodbye to bulky salad spinners and soggy salad greens! 0

No more worrying about your salad greens weeping water and giving you a soggy, disheartening salad or sandwich layer. Eurow® Lettuce wrap towels are more absorbent, effective and economical than regular kitchen towels or paper towels and a space-saver as opposed to bulky salad spinners.

Get wowed with Eurow® Collapsible Bucket! 0

Eurow® Collapsible bucket is the perfect solution to many of your home and auto cleaning, gardening, and storage problems! Here is the ultimate space saver bucket that can collapse into a few inches high disc and can be stowed away in the smallest space in your storage cabinets.

Increasing the full service restaurant dining experience with high-end affordable placemats 0

The benefits of placemats in full service and upmarket restaurant settings — full service and upmarket restaurants can immediately benefit from implementing usage of high-end yet affordable quality placemats to enhance their dining atmosphere – and guests will appreciate the extra touch.  Family restaurants, diners, eateries and fine dining venue use of placemats have come a long way. Early use dates back to the 1910’s and possibly even further back.
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Are you ready for winter? Not without these products… 0

Winter is about to begin, so it is time to start stocking up on fuzzy blankets and cozy boots. Depending on where you live some heavier precautions may be necessary. Regardless of where you are, we all want to be comfortable, cozy, and warm.  Before you realize you don’t have the supplies you need to stay snug, we want to remind you that there are a few items that you may want to consider getting soon to help your winter be more enjoyable.
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