Don't be like everyone else and forget to clean this area 0

A typical cleaning routine consists of spending hours degreasing the kitchen, disinfecting the bathroom, vacuuming the carpets, and wiping down all the hard surfaces in your home. We do this to make our home healthier, safer and cleaner.  Although these are all important tasks that need to be completed, the couch is a commonly forgotten place that definitely needs more attention.
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How to Clean Your Entire Kitchen With One Safe and Natural Ingredient 0

When it comes to cleaning and keeping a healthy home, it really helps to implement a variety of all natural cleaning solutions that are safe for you and your family.  Not only are these solutions more reliable, natural cleaning products will end up saving you time, money, and will contribute to your daily eco-friendly practices.  There are probably a multitude of natural products already in your home that can help you maintain a healthy environment. Today, we are going to focus on baking soda and how it can decrease the amount of scrubbing involved in your deep cleaning routine.
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The Only Products You’ll Need for Easy Summer Car Detailing 0

It’s summer time! The kids are out of school and everyone is gathering for activities outside. Hopefully the weather is beautiful and not too hot in your area so that you can enjoy the outdoors. Now is a splendid time to take a drive down to the beach, go on a hike, or maybe even go on a road trip.  As exciting as summer is, the weather becomes slightly dry and our cars don’t get that free car wash we call rain. Fortunately for us, it is the perfect time to throw on a swim suit and grab a sponge and bucket so that you can save some money by washing your car at home.  After all, no one loves your car like you do.  With the right tips and tools we all can become professional car washers and save some extra cash while showing our vehicle extra love.
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The All Natural Cleaning Solution That Will Soon Become Your Best Friend 0

Typically, we need to clean up unless you want to live in a mess.  So let’s do what we can to make it easier and more cost effective.  Here are several steps to making your cleaning routine simple and effective.  There are also a few techniques everyone can implement to refrain from having to use abrasive chemicals.  For example, there is an all-natural cleaning tool that is tough on grime and grease, that is cost effective, and will soon become your very best friend - white vinegar.  This natural liquid does wonders for most cleaning situations, because the acetic acid in vinegar kills bacteria, helps to eliminates odors and improves the air quality in your home.  Anything from disinfecting a sponge to polishing your stainless steel appliances, vinegar will get the job done. 
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