Are you ready for winter? Not without these products…


Winter is about to begin, so it is time to start stocking up on fuzzy blankets and cozy boots. Depending on where you live some heavier precautions may be necessary. Regardless of where you are, we all want to be comfortable, cozy, and warm.  Before you realize you don’t have the supplies you need to stay snug, we want to remind you that there are a few items that you may want to consider getting soon to help your winter be more enjoyable.

Sheepskin scuff and moccasins

During your daily routine, whether you are running errands or cleaning the house, you can slip into a pair of sheepskin slippers or moccasin to experience true relaxation of the soft, warming sheepskin features.  These slippers and moccasins are constructed with a durable rubber sole allowing them to be worn inside and outside, so your feet will always be warm. 

If you live in an area with extremely cold weather conditions, the Microfiber Luxury Coral Fleece Sheet Set will keep you snug and warm throughout a stormy night. There is no need to inflate your gas bill or wear a turtleneck to bed when you can cocoon yourself in the silky softness that draws moisture away from your body.

To help keep you warm while your vehicle is warming up, stay warmer with a sheepskin seat cover, made out of 100% Genuine Australian sheepskin. The breathable qualities of sheepskin's hollow fibers help to keep you warm in the cold seasons. Sheepskin seat covers are always comfortable due to their softness. They provide a comfortable cushion of air that acts as temperature insulation.  During cold months, sheepskin seat covers are beneficial and ideal for giving you that extra added comfort and warmth.

While your sheepskin seat covers are providing more comfort to you, they can add resale value to your car by protecting your expensive upholstery. Sheepskin has natural lanolin that actually improves the durability of leather seats over time. Making sheepskin seat covers an overall great investment for your automobile. Sheepskin seat covers also add a natural cushion that can help to relieve pressure points on your legs and back while you drive.

The holidays are approaching and these items make for great gifts. For example, if you happen to live in California but your relatives live in Chicago, you can send them some sheepskin seat cover gifts to help keep them warm.


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