Increasing the full service restaurant dining experience with high-end affordable placemats


The benefits of placemats in full service and upmarket restaurant settings — full service and upmarket restaurants can immediately benefit from implementing usage of high-end yet affordable quality placemats to enhance their dining atmosphere – and guests will appreciate the extra touch.  Family restaurants, diners, eateries and fine dining venue use of placemats have come a long way. Early use dates back to the 1910’s and possibly even further back.

Placemat functionality and value — the main function as well as a valuable benefit of the placemat is to provide a layer of value-added protection. This goes beyond the placemat’s inherent style on the dining table presentation.  Table surface integrity is increased substantially to protect against watermarks, heat damage and food stains.  Linen tablecloths are protected for longer use with the utilization of high-end placemats made of vinyl exterior material and a polyester core such as Nouvelle Legende® Tweed Woven Vinyl Placemats.  

In local diners and eateries, placemats not only help to protect the counters, but aid in spillage, as they are spill-proof and will clean up easier.  Upscale four or five-star fine dining restaurants benefit as well.  Having restaurant-grade vinyl placemats in place is essential to tabletop protection.  Placemats double as barriers from potential damage to expensive tabletops from setting hot and heavy-plated dining entrees onto them.  

Protecting restaurant tabletops — premium restaurant dining tabletop surfaces such as veneer, solid wood mahogany or cherry, etc., and marble receive added protection against marks and stains using vinyl placemats, at the same time adding design and style to the table as a whole.

It’s all in the details — successful restaurant design includes all of the napery details, including tablecloths, linen napkins, placemats and eye-catching table pieces.  On fine dining restaurant tabletops, beautifully designed and textured placemats along with high-grade linen blend napkins and cut-crystal glassware can offer a pleasing experience to the senses against a smooth marble table’s finished surface. 

Placemats by Nouvelle Legende

Regard to tabletop details adorned with upmarket placemats, help to create a strong impression of value and an enhanced atmosphere in the minds of dining guests.

Elegantly woven vinyl placemats composed of high-grade restaurant quality material, are among the best possible value for placemats.  Vinyl restaurant dining placemats Nouvelle Legende Tweed Woven Vinyl Placemats come in an assortment of upscale style designs and textures.  Many placemats come in a variety of designs and textures including rattan, smooth, vinyl with polyester, woven mat style mat and various cross-tweed textures.  

Hospitality use of placemats — higher-end placemats are used in hotels, airlines, cruise ships, comfortable lounges, dining trains, organizations, upmarket bistros, event planning as well as indoor/outdoor cafes.  Weather-resistant vinyl placemats are used throughout the day for a clean, natural presentation on restaurant dining terraces. 

Placemats for hotel dining use offer a cleaner presentation for stem-style table formatted restaurant dining rooms and banquet halls.  Luxury hotels who strive to earn or uphold the “Five-Star” score from its guests or clientele with higher expectations are known to offer high-end table linens and napery such as Nouvelle Legende® DuPont Teflon® repel treated tablecloth by Nouvelle Legende® and Nouvelle Legende® Heavy Woven Polyester Napkins.  

Color & style — certain styles of placemats, while still having coloristic-style or smooth-patterned designs to them, can double not only in restaurant dining settings, but also have use in business meetings.  High-grade flat surface placemats can be used as tabletop cushions to jot notes on during business presentations, press events, seminars and to conveniently rest beverages onto them.

Dressing up your casual restaurant tabletop settings with stylish placemats complements your establishment’s décor. Placing colored or texture-patterned placemats at a large table allows guests to easily determine where their individual settings are located.

For the complete restaurant dining table setup, you can set out charger plates — large, flat decorative base platters for formal dining, dining plates, flatware, and drinkware on top of the placemats, so your valued guests have everything they need for their meal service, which is especially useful in buffet-style or self-serve restaurants.  

Overall, beautifully-appointed vinyl placemats provide cost savings, make a positive impression on each and every dining guest that in turn adds a personal touch. Placemats act as a protective buffer between the tabletop and table setting contributing to the ambiance of your establishment.

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