Trek N' Clean™ Super Absorbent Floor Mat

Product Description
The Trek N' Clean™ Super Absorbent Floor Mat is woven with two-color yarn, providing a two-tone finished product with a dominant color and its complementary, secondary lighter tone. The mat measures at 23.5" x 36" (nearly 2 x 3 feet) and is composed of 70% cotton and 30% polyester with a thermoplastic rubber backing.

2 colors options are available: brown with tan accents or black with gray accents.

Care instructions: Optimal performance of the mat's absorbency is reached after a couple washes. To wash, rinse with a hose and hang to dry. Never place this item in a dryer. Heavy linting is normal for the first few washes. In order to reduce linting, vacuum the mat prior to wash.
$ 25.00

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