TEAR-A-TOWEL™ Reusable Microfiber Towels by Eurow

Product Description
TEAR-A-TOWEL™ Reusable Microfiber Towels by Eurow. Just like a paper towel roll but even more absorbent, economical, and reusable. 11"x12" cloths are pre-cut for convenience. Simply tear a towel away from the roll and use it to wipe spills, smudges, and smears. Use them wet or dry to clean your home, kitchen, office, garage, or anywhere else that cloths or paper towels are used. Microfiber is much more absorbent than cotton and won't scratch surfaces. Use on counters, windows, mirrors, dishes, desks, monitors, glasses, and more for quick and easy wiping, cleaning, and drying. Their 11"x12" size make them easy to hold with a comfortable grip while cleaning, polishing, wiping, and drying. TEAR-A-TOWEL™ Reusable Microfiber Towels by Eurow are ideal for interior and exterior auto detailing. The perfect combination of efficiency and convenience. Use to clean exterior problem areas on your vehicle like bug splatter, oil smudges, or dirt, or wiping the interior of your car seats, dashboard, and vents. Perfect for polishing your car, motorcycle, scooter, rv, boat, or airplane to give them a showroom shine every time. Lightweight for ease of use while dense enough for heavy duty tasks. The bulk quantity on each roll ensures that you have enough microfiber material for any job. They're compatible with just about any paper towel roll. These super efficient microfiber cloths will replace all the paper towels and rags in your home while helping you keep it clean and tidy. Their reusability will make you never look back. TEAR-A-TOWEL™ Reusable Microfiber Towels by Eurow are available in two colors: Blue and White, in either 50-pack or 75-pack.The towels are washable and reusable up to 50 times. Once they're too saturated, they can be thrown away like a regular paper towel. Care instructions: Machine wash. Tumble dry low, and do not iron. Do not use fabric softener as this would clog the microfibers and reduce performance. Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash with other non-linting materials to maintain proper dirt-gripping properties.
$ 22.99