Eurow Safety – 28-inch Collapsible Traffic Cone with Light & Reflective Collar

28 Cone
Product Description
The Eurow Safety 28-Inch Lighted Collapsible Traffic Cone is a classic safety cone with modern upgrades to ensure the highest level and quality of roadside safety. The bright orange color, reflective strip, and internal light greatly increases roadside visibility and safety. Fully extended, the cone is visible up to 800 feet and collapsible down to 2.5" for easy storage under the seat or in the trunk of the vehicle. Great for traffic safety, sporting events, and many other uses.

This meets MUTCD regulations for traffic cones and channeling devices. Each cone measures 28" high and 12.5" wide, is waterproof, and has a 4" by 5.75" reflective strip around the top for additional visibility.
$ 24.99