Eurow Safety 3M Scotchlite Reflective Bands With 4 LED (2 Pack)

Product Description
These reflective bands are the perfect safety item for yourself or your loved ones in situations demanding clear visibility in terms of safety. Take them cycling, camping, jogging, walking or simply for better visibility while standing. The high visibility flashing arm band is made of the advanced Scotchlite reflective material developed by 3M. It features blinking LED to increase visibility even further. Make sure you are seen from as far as possible while training or just enjoying the outdoors. These bands are easily secured with Velcro and an adjustable strap. Place them around your arms and legs for better security. The reflective bands are shipped with a paper strip covering the batteries that has to be removed before use. When the paper strips are pulled, the batteries are in contact with the electrical circuit and the switch activates the lights on demand. This pack contains 2 strips. If you need 4, please order a quantity of 2. Do not risk your safety or that of your loved ones; plan ahead and outfit yourself with Eurow Safety 3M Scotchlite reflective bands today!
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