Eurow Portable Vegan Leather Valet Organizer Tray with Corner Snaps

Product Description
With an exquisite blend of functionality and style, Eurow’s Vegan Leather Valet Tray with Corner Snaps is not only a practical organizer for your essentials, but it is also a statement of ethical luxury. The four corner snaps make this valet tray versatile. Unsnap the corners for a flat, portable tray, or snap them together for an elegant and secure storage solution. This flexibility ensures it adapts to your needs. Keep daily essentials in one place like keys, wallet, phone, jewelry, and more. It can be used for other specialized purposes like organizing kitchen spices & implements, beauty & cosmetic supplies, arts & crafts, or office supplies & materials. For gamers, this tray is perfect to contain any game components and keep pesky dice from rolling off your table. The surface is scratch and mark resistant and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth easily. The durable stitching and materials are sure to allow this tray to be long-lasting. The length and width measure to 7.375 inches, and the height is 1.5 inches when snapped, 0.25 inches when unsnapped. The tray weighs less than 1/4 lbs.
$ 14.99