Eurow Multifunctional Travel Hat Clip with Strong Magnet Grip for Purse, Luggage, & Bags

Product Description
The Eurow Magnetic Clip measures to 1 5/8 x 4 inches. It includes an easy to open ring and a heavy-duty magnet that holds up to 4.4 lbs. This clip is perfect for traveling for business or pleasure and commuting to the office or gym. Anyone can use this clip with ease. Use this clip year-round and discover its many versatile uses from hand towels to hats to important personal items. You can attach the clip to your handbag, book bag, travel bag, school bag, and more. Never forget your sunhat at the beach, your sleeping mask at the airport, or your gym towel in the locker room. Add a clip to any strap to increase utility to any bag. Conveniently clips your ballcap, sunhat, or any other flat surface object under 4.4 lbs. Never lose your vacation essentials with our durable and functional magnetic clip. Have easy access to your items with our simple and stylish clip that will match any style.
$ 19.99