Eurow Trek N' Clean Microfiber Traction Floor Mat, 36 by 23.5 Inches

Product Description
The Eurow Trek N' Clean Microfiber Floor Mat perfectly complements any home style. The mat offers a luxurious experience to any space and lifts and traps dirt, mud, grass, water, and sand. Keep one near every entryway to keep your home clean. The floor mat is super absorbent and dries quickly, helping to prevent odors and keep your home free of contaminants. With your safety in mind, the Eurow Microfiber Floor Mat is designed with anti-slip backing and is made to stay in place to prevent slips and falls. Perfect for families with children or pets. The Eurow floor mat is ideally used as an indoor doormat to keep your home clean. Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in cold water. Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not place in dryer. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.
$ 39.99