Eurow Microfiber Makeup Removal Cleaning Mitt, 3 Pack

Product Description
Hassle free makeup removing facial cleansing mitts. Remove all makeup quickly and efficiently without damaging skin. Concealer, foundation, primer, powder, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, liner - you name it. Simply slide the mitt onto your hand, add water, and lightly rub on the face without tugging or pulling on the skin. These mitts completely eliminate the need for harmful disposable wipes which are full of chemicals, fill our landfills, and damage the earth. Wash and reuse the mitts over and over again without losing efficacy or softness. Hypoallergenic 5" x 7" mitts come in 3 pack and have 2 colors to choose from - coral or gray. After trying Eurow's Makeup Removal Mitts you'll never go back to disposable wipes again.
$ 8.99