Eurow Microfiber Lettuce Wrap Towels, Waffle Weave, Green, 2 Pack

Product Description
Eurow microfiber lettuce wrap towels come in a 2 Pack of 12” x 42”. These ultra-soft microfiber towels will soak up the water after you wash your vegetables. Lay your produce onto the microfiber towel and try to not overlap them. Simply roll the towel up without exposing leaves, gently pat to remove any excess water. With these microfiber towels being a waffle weave construction, they will be far more absorbent than your usual terry weave microfiber towel. Once you’re done, just throw the towel into your washer machine and they will be ready to use for the next time! A major benefit of these towels over a traditional salad spacer is the small and foldable size of them. No more dealing with big and clunky salad spinners that takes up a ton of shelf space in your kitchen. With these towels, you can easily store them in your kitchen drawer or cabinet. They are easy to rewash as well, simply machine wash warm with mild detergent and wash with like colors and non-linting materials.
$ 16.99