Eurow Esteem Incontinence Bed Pad with 4 Layers and Anti Slip Backing 34" x 36"

Product Description
The Eurow Esteem Incontinence pad offers 4 layers of protection each with a unique purpose to maximize absorption efficiency. The first layer, made of 100% brushed polyester, provides an ultra soft surface more maximum comfort. Next, the second layer is made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon for maximum absorbency. It will absorb all liquids including sweat and urine. The third layer, made of 100% bonded polyurethane, is completely waterproof and to protect and keep your sheets dry all night long. Finally, the fourth and last layer is made of 100% brushed polyester and includes anti-slip backing to keep the pad firmly in place. The pad is perfect for adults, children, or pets. Also ideal for use in a baby's crib. Keep your bed and home sanitary and odor-free. Rest and relax in comfort and with peace of mind by using the Eurow Esteem Incontinence Bed Pad.
$ 19.99