Eurow White Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Gloves – 2 Pairs

Product Description
Repair your dry or damaged skin quicker and more effectively with Eurow’s White Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Gloves. Simply apply your favorite lotion or moisturizer to your hands, put on the gloves, and let them work their magic either during the day or through the night as you sleep. The cotton gloves are designed to lock in moisture, providing relief and healing for your hands faster than lotion alone. Efficient moisturizing has never been simpler or easier.

For best results, apply lotion or cream before bed and wear overnight. Heal your dry skin while sleeping and without dirtying your sheets. Prefer to use them during the day? Because they’re breathable and comfortable, the gloves also work perfectly for daytime users. While made for lotion use, the gloves can also be used when handling delicate objects, for cosmetic reasons, or as part of an outfit or costume.

One size fits most. This is a set of 2 pairs of gloves for 4 gloves total. Machine washable.
$ 7.99