Eurow Automotive Trash Bin Container Set with Included Bin Liners, Large and Small, Set of 2

Product Description
For daily driving, road trips, commuting, or cruising. Keep your vehicle clean and spotless with water resistant, leak proof, and easy to clean Eurow Automotive Trash Bin Set. Includes 2 convenient, functional, and aesthetic containers to hold your trash bags. No more wrapping or attaching bags to the back of a seat or headrest. The trash bins contain adjustable straps to allow placement wherever is desired in the vehicle. Side clasps neatly secure trash bin under a seat. Keep trash hidden and help to contain odors for a more enjoyable ride. When in use, the larger trash compartment has a base of 7.8 inches by 7.8 inches and measures 11.8" tall. The smaller container has a base of 6.3" x 6.3" and height of 9.4". Trash bin set can be used in car(sedan or couple), suv, van, truck, pickup, rv, boat, and more. Keep your vehicle tidy and clean with the Eurow Automotive Trash Bin Set. 2 rolls of bin liners included. 20 large bags and 20 small bags.
$ 25.00