CleanAide® Suede Weave Optical Quality Microfiber Towel 16 in X 16 in - 12 Pack

Product Description
This 12 pack of 16 inch by 16 inch blue CleanAide® suede weave microfiber towels is perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces. No more worrying about scratches and streaks while cleaning and wiping eye glasses, mirrors, electronic screens, and more. The towels, due to their ultra-fine texture, are ideal for gently rubbing fragile areas to remove smear marks, smudges, and fingerprints. This is a 12 pack of blue 16" x 16" CleanAide® suede weave microfiber towels. In addition to their common use for windows and mirrors, these towels excel at polishing, in particular silverware and other metals. This is the same material found in a much smaller size inside protective cases for glasses, photographic lenses and most fragile optical apparatus. Removes finger smears from flat panel TV's, LCD, plasma or LED displays.
$ 14.95 $ 19.99