Nouvelle Legende® 14 x 18 in. 350 GSM Striped Ribbed Microfiber Bar Mop Towels – 12-pack

Product Description
This 12-pack of Nouvelle Legende® Striped Ribbed Microfiber Bar Mop Towels are super absorbent and collect dust effortlessly with their ribbed construction. With a composition of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide and made at 350 GSM, these towels are unrivaled in their ability to quickly render any ordinary cleaning task into a simple yet superior purging. Their larger, 14" x 18" size allows for greater absorbency and makes for fewer towels needed per cleaning job.

Each towel is a white cloth with a colored stripe running through the middle. Color variants are green, black, blue, and yellow.

Care Instructions: Machine wash with like colors in warm water, dry on low heat. No bleach or fabric softeners should be used; this will clog the microfibers and make them less effective. Despite being mostly white in color, we highly recommend keeping them separate from whites.
$ 14.99

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