CleanAide® 16 x 16 in. 300 GSM Microfiber Commercial Towels – 4-color 12-pack

Product Description
This set of CleanAide® Commercial Towels is a 12-pack of commercial-grade towels with 3 blue, yellow, green, and red towels in each pack. Each of the 12 towels are composed of a microfiber blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, and each measure 16” x 16” and 300 GSM. These towels have several applications in the automotive industry, throughout the home, and in the office. The color-coding makes them perfect for janitorial and industrial use. Clearly differentiate between the dirtiest of domains (restrooms), the culinary kingdom (kitchen), the workout ward (gymnasiums), and the private sector (offices).
$ 18.99