The Only Products You’ll Need for Easy Summer Car Detailing


It’s summer time! The kids are out of school and everyone is gathering for activities outside. Hopefully the weather is beautiful and not too hot in your area so that you can enjoy the outdoors. Now is a splendid time to take a drive down to the beach, go on a hike, or maybe even go on a road trip. As exciting as summer is, the weather becomes slightly dry and our cars don’t get that free car wash we call rain. Fortunately for us, it is the perfect time to throw on a swim suit and grab a sponge and bucket so that you can save some money by washing your car at home. After all, no one loves your car like you do. With the right tips and tools we all can become professional car washers and save some extra cash while showing our vehicle extra love.

Our cars are similar to us in the sense that they need to be washed quite frequently, but luckily not every day. The last thing we want is for dirt and grime to accumulate on the exterior requiring more energy and time from us for wiping and scrubbing. Realistically we all have busy lives where we forget about car washing and push it off until every bird and tree has made its mark. When that happens, grab one of our Detailer's Preference towels and easily remove those tough surface impurities in seconds, leaving your paint clean and perfectly prepared for waxing or polishing.

Choosing the right soap to wash your car is a key factor because the harsh chemicals in dish soap could potentially strip off the exteriors protective wax.  Be sure to use a cleanser that is meant for vehicle exteriors. To help ease your scrubbing process, grab a Detailer's Preference Mitt to experience the responsive and smooth maneuverability that enhances you’re washing cycle.  Or if you prefer to use a Detailer's Preference sponge, explore your options to find what will best suite your car washing needs. Keep in mind that you may want to have two sponges or two mitts, or at minimum one of each. This is important because the coating of sand and dirt accumulated from washing your wheels may scratch your exterior paint. It is best to complete one area at a time so that you don’t have to worry about soap drying.

Before you start gathering your supplies, make sure your car hasn’t been sitting in the sun for an extended period of time. When your car exterior is hot, your paint may soften and be more susceptible to scratches when you start scrubbing.  A hot exterior will also make it more complicated for you to wash because it will dry extremely fast leaving dried soap and water spots. During your drying process, it is important to use a large towel for heaving absorption and streak free drying. The last thing you’d want is for all that hard work to look like a streaky mess. 

For your final step, all you need to do is throw your Detailer's Preference products in the washer. All of your products will last hundreds of washes so don’t hesitate to wash your car as frequently as you’d like.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

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