The All Natural Cleaning Solution That Will Soon Become Your Best Friend


Who likes cleaning?

Typically, we need to clean up unless you want to live in a mess.  So let’s do what we can to make it easier and more cost effective. Here are several steps to making your cleaning routine simple and effective. There are also a few techniques everyone can implement to refrain from having to use abrasive chemicals. For example, there is an all-natural cleaning tool that is tough on grime and grease, that is cost effective, and will soon become your very best friend - white vinegar. This natural liquid does wonders for most cleaning situations, because the acetic acid in vinegar kills bacteria, helps to eliminates odors and improves the air quality in your home. Anything from disinfecting a sponge to polishing your stainless steel appliances, vinegar will get the job done. 

For polishing, grab your microfiber glass cleaning towel and with a splash of white vinegar, start wiping! Not only will it wipe away all those grimy finger prints, it will disinfect the desired area. To clean your dish sponge effectively, soak it overnight in a bowl of white vinegar. The next day, rinse the sponge several times to rid the sponge of all accumulated cleaning liquids, and your sponge will be like just like new. White vinegar can also be used to freshen up the fridge and remove clothing and carpet stains.

While you are cleaning you may be thinking, “Wow this smells awful.” Luckily vinegar dries odorless, so keep that in mind while you’re cleaning. Once you’ve overcome the stench and the odor dissipates, you will be able to enjoy clean, beautifully polished appliances without wasting multiple paper towels and exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. 

Sometimes, we have extremely large and tough messes that will involve heavy detailed cleaning for several hours. That’s definitely the last thing we all want to do in our spare time, so in order to cut the cleaning time you should use your white vinegar and your Microfiber Spot Cleaning Towel. The mesh spot sewn on this towel is designed for messes that require thorough scrubbing and harder scouring. Paired with our super absorbent and ultra-soft terry weave microfiber, you will collect and trap all the grime and grease with little effort. We are very pleased to announce that we have received the 2016 Distributor Choice Award from Sanitary Maintenance for our CleanAide Spot Microfiber Towels and Mop Pads

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