Nouvelle Legende® 14 X 18in Ribbed Bar Mop Microfiber Towels (12 Pack) Green Stripe

Product Description
These ribbed microfiber all-purpose cleaning cloths are super absorbent and collect dust effortlessly. The cloths are unrivaled in that they are composed of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, quickly rendering any ordinary cleaning task into a simple yet superior purging. In addition, their larger, 14" X 18" size allows for greater absorbency and promotes using fewer cloths. Clean and polish countertops, mirrors, appliances, and even silver and brass all streak and lint free! The pack consists of twelve (12) premium cleaning cloths to satiate even those most dedicated to the custodial arts. White cloth with a green stripe running through the middle. Ribbed to grab all dust and grime. For professional quality and a superior clean, choose Nouvelle Legende Microfiber Ribbed Bar Mop Towels and Cleaning Cloths. This multipurpose towel can also be used for the automobile. Perfect to dust the dash and seats, works great on all surfaces like plastics and leather. Ideal for the doors interiors, glove compartment and central console. This towel can also be used on the exterior of the car while waxing and polishing, but also for drying. Care Instructions: machine wash with like colors in warm water; dry on low heat. No bleach or fabric softeners should be used. While these towels are mostly white and it could be tempting to wash with your other whites, please keep them separate to make sure no bleach or fabric softener is used with this product as this would reduce the efficacy of the towels by clogging the fibers.
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