Nouvelle Legende® Fire Resistant Quilted Oven Mitts – Pair

Product Description
Each pair of Nouvelle Legende® Fire Resistant Quilted Oven Mitts are commercial-grade mitts made to replace the towels that many cooks will wrap around a spoon and other stirring devices. These can come in contact with an open flame of a burner on the stove and catch fire. These mitts are treated to be fire resistant and act like a fire retardant to these open flames, helping cooks avoid potentially dangerous situations.

The long, 17-inch mitts cover most of the forearm for added protection from the oven door, sides, and grates to prevent burns that happen by inadvertently touching a hot surface while cooking. These mitts have been tested rigorously at 500 degrees Fahrenheit by a third-party laboratory and passed the 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance tests.

Two oven mitts are included in the package and are available in black or red.

Care instructions: Mitts are NOT to be used when wet. Water transmits heat, therefore reducing the flame insulation of any product. Do not wash, clean with damp cloth only as otherwise the fire-resistant treatment will be weakened.
$ 12.95