CleanAide® Coral Weave Microfiber Mop Pad with Rope Border 18 Inches 6 Pack

Product Description
These CleanAide® mop pads will fit any 18" flat mop plate, but are best used in conjunction with CleanAide® 18" mop plates, sold separately, for a simply superior clean. They easily and firmly attaches to your mop plate with a hook-and-loop system. The pads are extremely effective for removing dust, dirt and micro-particles which collect and trap deep within the fibers. The looped rope border traps dirt, pet fur and debris while the coral weave picks-up and traps dust and other particles. The pads are Earth friendly and cost effective because they don't require the use of chemicals. More durable than cotton or paper towel, You can wash and reuse hundreds of times over. This saves you money and helps our environment. Coral Weave (85% Polyester / 15% Polyamide). Rope Border (80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide) for best efficacy. Available in 4 colors - Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.
$ 29.95 $ 44.99