CleanAide Twist Yarn Microfiber Flat Mop with Scrub Strips

Product Description
The CleanAide Microfiber Twist Yarn Flat Mop is the perfect cleaning tool to get any household or commercial job done. Traps dirt, dust, pet fur and debris the CleanAide Microfiber Twist Yarn Flat Mop can be used dry to collect dirt and dust or used wet to strip and remove dirt, grime,and smudges from hard surfaces. Designed to keep laminate, tile, stone and hardwood floors safe, the mop can be trusted on most surfaces. The CleanAide Twist Yarn mop pads don't require the use of chemicals, resulting in a safe cleaning experience for you and your family. Durable and resilient, this mop can be washed and reused with no problems. Easily and firmly attaches to any 18 or 24 Inch mop plate using a hook and loop system.
$ 8.99