CleanAide® 24-inch All-Purpose Mega Microfiber Mop Pads – 6-pack

Product Description
With each pad measuring at 28" x 8", this 6-pack of CleanAide® All Purpose Mega Microfiber Mop Pads has pads that are 60% larger than our traditional mop pads so they can clean larger surface areas. Static electricity allows them to pick up dirt and debris within the microfibers without needing to wet them. With the lack of harmful chemicals, a reusability you won’t get from paper towels, and a greater durability than cotton towels, they make for Earth-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to other cleaning products.

These pads fit 24" mop frames and work very well with a CleanAide® 24-inch Aluminum Flat Mop Plate, sold separately. Available in three colors: red, blue, and green.
$ 35.00