Replacement Activated Carbon Filter For NEOMask™

Product Description
This is a replacement activated carbon cloth filter for both versions of neoprene masks available, the NEOMask™ with 1 carbon filter and the NEOMask™ with 2 carbon filters.

Activated carbon cloth (ACC) was originally developed by the British Chemical Defense Establishment as a highly efficient medium for protection against nerve gas and other highly toxic vapors that might be used in chemical warfare. These filters used in conjunction with the NEOMask™ are good for working in and around construction sites, and for painting, gardening, sanding, and machining activities.

Care instructions: The ACC filters typically lasts about 6 months under normal conditions and 4-6 weeks under harsh, polluted, or dusty conditions. Change the filter if you smell fumes when wearing the NEOMask™ or when air flow through the mask makes breathing more difficult.
$ 7.95