CleanAide Flat Mop System - Flip’N Clean + 2 pads

Product Description
The CleanAide Flip’N Clean double sided flexible mop is the pinnacle of mopping technology. This mop has clearly been engineered with the consumer in mind. The mop easily flips using our quick flip design for an entire new cleaning surface, without having to clean the mop itself. In addition, we have built in a flexible piece to the pole to allow for bending and access to harder to reach places, such as under furniture or around tight corners to ensure an absolutely spotless floor. The pole itself extends telescopically for up to 66.9 inches of length! We have also included not one but two interchangeable microfiber pads. The first is of chenille style, with looped ends to sweep, and the second is of terry texture for scouring the floors. Furthermore, due to microfiber's natural properties, no cleaning product is required, leaving a chemical and streak-free clean, every time. The CleanAide Flip’N Clean mop system is the perfect floor cleaning tool, for amateurs and professionals alike.
$ 27.95 $ 42.95