The Best Hair, Fur and Lint Removal Solution Ever!


Enjoy fast and easy pet hair removal with our high-quality mitt! Our mitt will easily remove hair, fur, and lint from all surfaces, allowing you to quickly freshen up your clothes, furniture, carpets, and more, without using a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller.

Product: CleanAide® Pet Hair, Fur and Lint Removal Pick-Up Mitt

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 0.5 inches


  • Made of strong and durable material that makes this reusable mitt last for a long time.
  • The one-size-fits-all design of the mitt has a thumb slit on the side for better handling, stability, and maneuvering in picking up hair/fur that is otherwise very difficult to remove.
  • Comes in a pack of two with hanging loops for easy storage.

Material: 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide.


  • Quick and easy cleanup of pet hair, fur, and dander.
  • Designed to be used on furniture, clothing, countertops, tables
  • Lint rollers are an outdated technology and are cumbersome and can get messy. Our mitts work smoothly and more effectively.

To Clean: Simply use your hands to wipe or pull away the lint, debris, and fur in the direction of the fibers.

NOTE: Should not be used directly on a pet.

Unlike traditional pet hair removal products, our Pick-Up Mitt is designed to remove pet hair quickly without the use of any harsh chemicals, making it a safe and effective pet hair removal solution for your entire family. Do not allow loose hairs and other contaminants to disperse freely around your home; purchase a pack of hair removal mitts today! 


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