Best 700 GSM Shaggy Weave Double Density Microfiber Towel!


Tired of detailing towels that don't quite measure up? Upgrade to our 700 GSM double-density ultra-plush, super-soft, microfiber shag towels and experience pure detailing power and shine!

Product:  Eurow® 700 GSM Double Density Microfiber Shag Towels – 10-pack

Dimensions: 16 inches length x 12 inches width


  • 700 GSM: These soft and fluffy towels are 700 GSM high quality microfiber material preferred by automotive enthusiasts. These towels soak up sudsy water like a sponge to wash and detail an entire vehicle with ease and hold up to 10 times its weight in water.
  • Super soft with scratch-free satin trim and shaggy weave pattern: No scratches to your precious paint when using these ultra plush microfiber towels. These super soft, high quality microfiber shag towels are perfect for scratch-free, swirl-free, and streak-free wash and detail.
  • Double density: Dry your entire vehicle with ease using just one of these thick and super absorbent towels. You'll be amazed with how much water is absorbed in just one pass.
  • Large size: The intuitive size of the towel (16” L x 12” W) is perfect to dry a vehicle in a couple of passes and comes in a pack of ten, so that you have extras when a couple of them get dirty and can wash it all in a load in the washer.
  • Durable and reusable: These towels are built to last. They can be washed and reused hundreds of times and come out even softer after every wash.

Material: Microfiber


  • Auto Detailing: Perfect for washing and drying vehicles easily and in less time!
  • All-purpose cleaning: Originally designed for use in automotive detailing, these microfiber towels can be used for the home, janitorial or industrial and commercial applications.

Care Tips:

  • It is recommended to wash these towels before first use as this will make them super absorbent and will unleash their full drying capacity.
  • As with all microfiber products, for best performance, please make sure to wash in cold or warm water (not hot). Do not use fabric softener, powdered detergent, dryer sheets or high temperature for drying. Fabric softener, powdered detergent and dryer sheets clog up the fibers and would reduce the efficacy of these towels. Use gentle liquid detergent and tumble dry on low or air dry.

These are the original, all-purpose microfiber towels taken to an extreme. When damp, the long, shaggy weave cleans the toughest grime from the most delicate and hard-to-clean surfaces. Dry, the fibers will pick, pull, and collect dirt and dust deep into the cloth like a magnet. These towels are built to perform. Grab your pack today!

Eurow®- Quality products for everyday living!

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