Microfiber vs. Cotton for Auto detailing



Introducing the ultimate battle for car cleanliness: Microfiber versus Cotton! On one side, we have the tried and true cotton towel, known for its absorbency and softness. And on the other side, we have the newcomer to the scene - microfiber towels, with their ultra-fine fibers and superior cleaning power.

But when it comes to auto detailing, after years of testing and reviewing, we now know which route to take. Let's look at the way microfiber and cotton works against dirt:


Cotton towels are good for absorbing water, but they can also leave behind lint and streaks. On the flip side, microfiber towels excel at picking up dirt and grime without scratching your paint job. The ultrafine fibers actually lift and trap over 99% of dirt, germs, viruses and bacteria, leaving a dust free, lint free, and streak free shine. This magnetic property makes it a popular choice for auto detailing.  Microfiber is exceptionally soft and most commonly used for washing, cleaning, drying and detailing purposes because of its high absorbency in soaking up liquids and oils unlike any other natural or synthetic materials available.

Microfiber is extremely resilient and durable. You can wash and reuse hundreds of times, and they will outlast your traditional cotton towels.  Microfiber cloths are also eco-friendly because they reduce water and chemical usage for cleaning and detailing. But they will only retain their non-abrasive property and absorbency if given the right care. Find out here how to care for your microfiber towels!

Now that you have got all the info, which one will you choose? Try out the latest advancements in detailing technology with microfiber, offering impressive benefits for keeping your car looking its best. Why settle for anything less than perfect? Upgrade your auto detailing game with these top-quality Microfiber towels today!

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  • Nicolas Bonnefoi
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