Cleaning with a Squeegee: make your life 2x easier!



Introducing the ultimate tool for streak-free, crystal-clear windows, mirrors and glass surfaces - the squeegee! Say goodbye to messy, ineffective cleaning methods and hello to effortless shine. But, did you know that there is technique and precision involved that guarantees the best results? 


  • Pick the right type of squeegee for your purpose (Our options are linked below). 
  • If you are an amateur and it's your first time using a squeegee, You can wet the surface with water or chemicals and clean off with straight horizontal or vertical motions with each new one overlapping slightly on to the last cleaned area, end to end. Make sure to firmly hold the blade at an angle to the surface and drag consistently in the direction you want to. This is the safest way for beginners to not get streaks or water marks.
  • Fanning Technique: If you are experienced at cleaning, you would definitely be attempting the fanning method, where you would be moving your blade at an angle starting from the top, clearing the top edges and then moving the hand in swift arched motions like an open fan. This is something to consider switching to once you are familiar with a squeegee, yielding faster results.
  • After driving the dirty water or chemically liquid down to a corner or end, use a microfiber towel to clean of any hard to reach corners or if there is a pool of water at any corner. 


  •  Do not go in crisscross motions with a squeegee, as this will definitely leave streaks and drive dirt or dust across to already cleaned surfaces, defeating the purpose. 
  •  Do not use rags that leave lint to clean up after using a squeegee, whether it is to clean corners or a spot you missed. 


So whether you're tackling dirty windows, shower doors, or even car windshields, make sure you have a trusty squeegee by your side. It's simple to use and delivers professional-level results every time. Say hello to sparkling clean surfaces with ease!

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  • Nicolas Bonnefoi
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