Tail Gator Sunshade® Portable Shade

Product Description
The Tail Gator Sunshade® is perfect for chillin' out and enjoying life at the beach, tailgating or fishing your favorite spot. It is quickly assembled, simpler than a tent, and provide a well needed extension of your vehicle for those sunny days when you want to stay cool. The Tailgator attaches to the top of your car roof, or to the ledge of the 5th door of your SUV. It can be assembled on a hard (parking asphalt) or a soft surface (dirt or sand) with the accessories included. Conveniently packed in the bag supplied, your Tail Gator Sunshade® is easily transported or stored. A tailgating canopy that attaches to your SUV lift gate and folds up smaller and lighter than those metal framed, four legged pop up tents. No matter what time of the year you are tailgating, you’ll need some protection from the outside elements. Nothing ruins a tailgate party more than rain. During summer and early fall tailgate parties you to have shade or you will melt right there in the parking lot. The Tail Gator Sunshade® is a lightweight tailgating canopy that provides the same amount of shade as some tents but requires only one person to set up, is less bulky, packs lighter and is less expensive. The Tail Gator Sunshade® uses flexible, folding poles you would normally find in a camping tent as its backbone.
$ 129.95 $ 149.95