Nouvelle Legende Catalina Wash Cloth, 12" x 12", White, 24 Pack

Product Description
The Nouvelle Legende Cotton Wash Cloth are soft, light weight and super absorbent. The Washcloths come in a 24 pack, making them perfect for your shower, morning skincare routine, or even around the house. Crafted of 86% cotton, and 14% polyester, the Nouvelle Legende Wash Cloths are durable and designed to last. These towels are specially processed to cut the drying time in half, saving you time and energy. The Nouvelle Legende Cotton Wash Cloths come out of the dryer soft and fluffy, ready for the next use. The Washcloths are the perfect sized towel to keep next to a yoga mat, in your golf bag, in the kitchen, or in a bathroom. The traditional French-style Washcloths are simple and offer a timeless design making them perfect for everyday use.
$ 19.97