ECP Sheepskin Classic Suede Top Half Saddle Pad - Medium - White

Product Description
100% Merino Sheepskin Classic Half Pad has an open channel for better airflow and will relieve pressure points on the withers and spine. The leather/suede top not only looks beautiful, but it will keep your saddle from slipping. It's ergonomic shape and the sheepskin ensure a custom fit every time and optimizes a close contact between horse and rider. ECP Classic Half Pads can be used alone or ontop of other pads. 100% cotton quilted top, 2" front rolled edge helps secure the saddle along with billet straps. Sheepskin helps promote blood circulation and preveniton & treatment of pressure ulcers. Breathable and helps regulate temperature control and heat build-up. Fits saddles 16.5 inches and above.
$ 139.95 $ 199.99