ECP Amazing Microfiber Tack Towels (3-Pack)

Product Description
Our amazing microfiber tack towels simply do it all. Wipe down any tack quickly and easily with outstanding results. These tack towels are ideal for cleaning and polishing bits, buffing saddles, and wiping down boots for a dust-free show shine. As they are made of fine grade optical weave you can also use them on lenses, like glasses or photographic lenses as well as TV screens without worry of scratching, as long as the cloth is clean of debris when you use it. This is a pack of three (3) of our tack towels. Try them out, and experience the true magic of microfiber today. You're guaranteed to be riding the most polished horse out there. Size of the individual towels is 9 inches X 7 inches.
$ 5.91 $ 12.95